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Beyond the Leash started out as a passion driven business focused on providing affordable dog training to help as many people as possible back in 2017. We USE A BALANCED TRAINING APPROACH, WITH positive reinforcement as our primary method.

With us - dog training is about forming a strong and loving bond with your dog so that you can easily communicate and live in harmony! Each member of our team is handpicked for passion, determination, and a love of dogs. This is what allows us to love and care for your pups as much as you do!


We love what we do and we are committed to our community!



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We offer a variety of classes for all ages and kinds of pups and pooches! We regularly have group classes from Puppy classes all the way to Advanced Obedience, including Therapy Dog Certification!

If you want to start a new hobby with your dog or just want help teaching them basic commands, come join us for the fun! 


group classes

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Just 12 minutes of pet therapy has been found to improve important health markers like lowering stress, blood pressure, and anxiety?

We offer pet therapy services at our downtown location's lounge, as well as visits to local businesses and companies!

Interested in becoming a pet therapy team? We take care of that too through our classes and certifications!

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Pet Therapy

pet therapy
group classes

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Is your dog active? Do they need something more than just playing fetch or going for walks?

Look no further! Here at Beyond The Leash, we thrive to offer the canine community the chance to experience opportunities that are one in a lifetime!  

We offer a variety of competitive sports that engage your dog both mentally and physically, giving them an appropriate outlet for their energy and breed’s needs.

Dock diving / agility / barn hunt / lure coursing

specialty sports

specialty sports

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Day Camp:

How long is my dog in a kennel? 

When your pup isn’t playing with friends, training with their trainer, or going on walks around the neighborhood, they’re in kennels. Just like children’s daycare, all play and no structure leads to an over-tired, overstimulated and grumpy child. The same thing applies here at doggy day camp. They all need an opportunity to relax and wind down in their kennel. You can always do add ons while they’re in the kennel for extra mental enrichment. You can do a frozen stuffed kong for $3.00 or feeding them breakfast in a puzzle bowl/snuffle mat for $3.00. We ensure all dogs are in comfortable, size appropriate kennels in air conditioning. We diffuse Lavender, play calming spa music and have various other calming support to help make sure your pup is happy and calm!

Why are they in kennels?  

Enclosed spaces create a shelter for your dog to rest and relax. Actually, dogs instinctively seek small spaces to create protective shelters for themselves. Crates are useful training tools for puppies, safe havens for senior dogs, and lifesavers for emergencies. Most veterinarians, trainers, and breeders recommend crate training dogs from a young age. Crate training is an essential part of housebreaking puppies, as dogs don’t like to soil their sleeping quarters. They learn to hold their bladders while they’re in their crate, so you won’t have to clean up messes!
Crate training comes in handy during everyday life. Some dogs might need a break from a bustling household or a familiar place to rest. Crates help dogs learn to self-soothe or deal with their anxiety during situations where they become distressed, like during fireworks, thunderstorms, or construction. Dogs can retreat to their crates when situations are too chaotic or scary. Crate training also helps dogs confront new situations successfully, like the addition of a new baby or having company over. 

Why are they in kennels?  

Why are they in kennels?  

Why are they in kennels?  

When will my dog play with other dogs? 

We like to ensure the safety of all employees and dogs by doing careful and attentive temperament testing to our facility and trainers. Its very important to us to build up a bond with your pup and make sure they are happy and comfortable here before we engage in any type of play.

Will my puppy be playing with dogs their same size? 

Yes, all our pups in day care play in groups that are appropriate sizes and temperaments. We want to make sure everyone is playing safe and having a good time! 


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