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Beyond the Leash is passionate about giving back to and connecting with the community in any way possible. We are strong advocates of Pet Therapy and our Owner, Kim Bissing, runs the Orlando Health Pet Therapy program and is a proud member and advocate for Pet Partners!

We bring our teams to your events, workplaces, and groups to bring fun energy, stress reduction, and mood boosts through visits with our therapy dogs!

we bring the dogs to you!


Did you know that just 12 minutes of pet therapy has been found to improve important health markers like stress, blood pressure, and anxiety?!

If you are in need of some extra comfort from a therapy dog visit, our downtown office is now open to the public for 30- to 50-minute pet therapy visits with one of our certified (and cute) therapy dogs!

Visit our pet therapy lounge!



Therapy Dog Class is designed to teach your friendly dog to be gentle and at ease with all types of people in a variety of situations and distractions that they will face in a hospital or other therapeutic setting. This class will develop your dog’s impulse control and socialize them to medical equipment you may encounter in the hospital. As a handler, you will learn to read your dog and help them navigate around equipment to provide comfort and joy to others.

Therapy work is not for every dog as it requires a certain temperament that loves to work, loves to be with people, and has the confidence to work through stressful situations.

If Therapy work with your dog is your goal let us know so we can help you get there!